Tv, antenna booster

Larry Sochrin
Wed Sep 12 16:08:04 EDT 2018

John Christie’s posting was interesting to me because I also have periodic issues with Channel 38, more so than with any others that I get.  I live in Brookline, MA. 

> From: "John Christie" <>
> Subject: Tv. antenna booster
> Date: September 6, 2018 at 2:28:26 PM EDT
> To: "Boston Radio Interest group" <>
>                                Hi. I was wondering if you could recommend a
> tv. Antenna Booster.I am using a Spectrum 713 Long Range Digital TV SP-713
> Antenna. I live in East Weymouth in a 7 story building. In the winter time,
> I can pick up most of the boston stations with the acceptance of Channel 38
> accept when it is 0 or below. In the summer and other times I can pick up
> Channel 10, 64 and I use to pick up channel 28. I live on the third floor
> and there is a tree close to me. In the summer, I can't pick up Channel
> 7/56. I can only pick up 11 stations in the summer. Would a Tv. Antenna
> Booster help me get more stations? If so, what kind of Booster should I get?
> I did some research on Amazon, but the kind that they had didn't get good
> reviews.   I picked up channel 6 in Portland as well as Channel 66. With
> this antenna. However, these are rare pickups. Would a Tv. Antenna Booster
> bring in more stations? If so, What kind should I purchase? Where would I
> purchase it? Thanks a lot.  

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