Tropo Time

Jim Hall
Thu Jun 21 14:22:32 EDT 2018

I used to love this time of year. We had a summer place in Hampton Beach, and an old TV with the rotary dial tuners on VHF and UHF and an antenna in the attic. WGBH-TV did not sign on until noon on Saturdays back then, and on Saturday mornings we could watch WESH-TV in Daytona Beach FL clear as a bell, no fading or drop outs, perfect color until WGBH signed on. On UHF, I once got a station in Peoria IL, but there were many others that I've forgotten.

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E-skip, actually... tropo ducting doesn't usually give you that much distance.


On 6/21/2018 11:25 AM, wrote:
> Tropo Time!
> Yesterday 6/20 on Rte 150 in Kensington NH, I picked up WJDQ 101.3 
> Meridan MS (Q101) destroying WVQM. I was even receiving their RDS 
> signal. Called the number on the RDS display, told the DJ where I was 
> calling from, and he had no idea until I said 45 miles north of Boston.
> He actually played my call about 15 minutes later, and fortunately the 
> Tropo window was still open so I got to hear it on my Factory 2014 
> Chevy Sonic 'basic' Radio. Not sure he was aware of Troposperic 
> Ducting and simply thought his 100,000 watt signal was making it to NH.
> -Paul Hopfgarten
> -Epping NH

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