Scott Fybush scott@fybush.com
Sun Jan 14 16:35:54 EST 2018

The 102.9 they're referring to is the Lawrence translator of WNNW 800. 
It's a relatively small signal - if you're not in Andover or the 
immediate vicinity, you won't hear. It certainly doesn't make it to 

The talk format that runs on the HD2 of 102.9 (yes, a translator can run 
HD, and you can imagine how limited THAT coverage would be) is the old 
English-language WCCM talk format that got bounced around the dial among 
Costa-Eagle's stations, from 800 to 1490 to 1110 and then ultimately to 
HD2 on the 102.9 translator.

It sounds as though they've been having some issues internally switching 
the right programming to the right transmitters. The "Power" programming 
comes from WNNW 800. I'm not sure if it's just filling unbought time on 
1570 on purpose or if it was there by accident.

On 1/13/2018 3:09 PM, DW wrote:
> For the last few weeks I have been enjoying WCCM 1570 Galaxia Boston, “El Sonido de las Estrellas, quince setenta”. The daytime signal-strength here in Wellesley sounds like 1030 or 850. On Friday 1/12 I noticed in the morning the station seemed to be off the air. When I tuned in after 3pm I heard Michael Savage with mention at breaks of NE Talk (?) 102.9 HD2. Today (Saturday) it’s Spanish musical programming again but no mention of "Galaxia Boston". Instead, I heard  “Power, la música bakana”(in the morning) and often “ciento dos - merengue” and “Power clásicos de fin de semana” in the afternoon.(Btw, the kids I was transporting in the car seemed to love it - when I changed the station they said “turn it back to the Spanish 1570 station”). Is Galaxia no more? Is “Power" just weekends? Is there a network called NE Talk? What is on 102.9 HD?  In Wellesley there’s no signal on 102.9.  I am interested in conservative talk so if there is a network carrying Savage and any others I’d like to know. I don’t have an HD radio but if I knew there were something I might listen to I might get one. And, what is “música bakana”? I googled it and looked in a urban dictionary but couldn’t find a definition of “bakana” pertaining to  music (although there are some other stations around the country using the word “bakana”, spelled with a ‘k’, in their programming slogan). There is a Spanish word spelled “bacana”(with a ‘c’, not ‘k’) which colloquially means “nice, great, hot”. This morning  when I went to the site mentioned on the station “PowerDeBoston.com <http://powerdeboston.com/>” I saw “bakana” spelled with a ‘k’. This afternoon when I went to that same URL it took me to “Power800am.com”(and no mention of that word of either spelling).

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