DW dav2149@comcast.net
Sat Jan 13 15:09:12 EST 2018

For the last few weeks I have been enjoying WCCM 1570 Galaxia Boston, “El Sonido de las Estrellas, quince setenta”. The daytime signal-strength here in Wellesley sounds like 1030 or 850. On Friday 1/12 I noticed in the morning the station seemed to be off the air. When I tuned in after 3pm I heard Michael Savage with mention at breaks of NE Talk (?) 102.9 HD2. Today (Saturday) it’s Spanish musical programming again but no mention of "Galaxia Boston". Instead, I heard  “Power, la música bakana”(in the morning) and often “ciento dos - merengue” and “Power clásicos de fin de semana” in the afternoon.(Btw, the kids I was transporting in the car seemed to love it - when I changed the station they said “turn it back to the Spanish 1570 station”). Is Galaxia no more? Is “Power" just weekends? Is there a network called NE Talk? What is on 102.9 HD?  In Wellesley there’s no signal on 102.9.  I am interested in conservative talk so if there is a network carrying Savage and any others I’d like to know. I don’t have an HD radio but if I knew there were something I might listen to I might get one. And, what is “música bakana”? I googled it and looked in a urban dictionary but couldn’t find a definition of “bakana” pertaining to  music (although there are some other stations around the country using the word “bakana”, spelled with a ‘k’, in their programming slogan). There is a Spanish word spelled “bacana”(with a ‘c’, not ‘k’) which colloquially means “nice, great, hot”. This morning  when I went to the site mentioned on the station “PowerDeBoston.com <http://powerdeboston.com/>” I saw “bakana” spelled with a ‘k’. This afternoon when I went to that same URL it took me to “Power800am.com”(and no mention of that word of either spelling).

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