AM radio and Max (Mac?) Richmond

Ed Hennessy
Mon Feb 19 16:50:51 EST 2018

I had a converter running in a '67 Dodge in the mid-'80s.  There was a screw hole in the back panel that accessed a pot for the RF output.  I don't remember what the range was, but you could probably move it about 50 kHz to get it away from a local frequency.  It came out of the box at 1400 (more or less, given the analog tuner in the converter and the AM radio it was attached to).  

Mine had a front end as wide as a barn door.  I used it in Providence, and in downtown, it would overload pretty easily, even though Johnston/Neutaconcanut (sp) Hill) wasn't all that close.

Ed Hennessy

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From: Bob Nelson <>

I remember my older brother had an AM radio in his truck and bought an FM
converter that also had a cassette deck.It was made by Craig.

Example of an FM converter for cars, by Lafayette.Sticker says you must
tune to 1400 for it to work (but what if you're near an existing station on
that frequency?)

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