AM Radio and Max (Mac?) Richmond

Doug Drown
Mon Feb 19 09:33:57 EST 2018

When I was in my mid-teens, around 1967, the Worcester Telegram and
Gazette, seeing no future in FM, sold WTAG-FM to Norman Knight (the Knight
Quality Group).  He changed the call letters to WSRS ("Worcester's Stereo
Radio Station"), dropped the station's format of (mostly) classical music
and switched it to light pop --- "elevator music," as it was then called.
(Indeed, I recall that the station had some sort of connection with Muzak,
about which I have no details).  It became an instant hit, shot to the top
of the ratings heap in central Massachusetts, and remained there for
years.  Then around 1986, when the T&G was sold, Knight acquired WTAG.  The
tail wound up wagging the dog.

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