Arnie "WooWoo" Ginsberg interview: The Sounds of the 60's

Kevin Vahey
Fri Feb 16 03:51:10 EST 2018

George - Did any Kenny Mayer tapes survive?

Kenny Mayer had a phenomenal audience on 1600 and later with the
simulcast on 92,9 on early Monday mornings as it was him and Norm Nathan at
WHDH - everybody else was off the air. The simple fact that all one has to
say is WO9-8989 and 50 years later people remember..

I also want to say that Norm Ruby was a person that helped steer me into
the broadcast life as a career. Norm was blessed with good pipes but he was
very helpful to young people interested in the business.

In 1971 roughly 2 months before he died I wound up having lunch with Mac
Richmond who owned WMEX and he told me he made a huge mistake not buying
92.9 when Champion offered it to him for cheap money..

Mac had problems with a FM he owned in Washington but  he grasped that
college students were buying FM tuners in Boston but the offer to buy WBOS
was off the table.

On Thu, Feb 15, 2018 at 4:20 PM, George Allen <> wrote:

> Lou - glad you enjoyed it.  The opening theme says "at 1600 on your
> radio".  That was WBOS-AM.  The back-story for this piece is that I was
> working at WBOS in the late 60's, and someone there had/found this tape.
> Arnie wasn't syndicated -- but it seems he pre-recorded his show, at least
> on weekend nights ("The Weekend Special" night train).  That's what this is.
>    George
> At 03:26 PM 2/15/2018, Lou wrote:
> I just got a chance to hear this.  It's wonderful!!
> I can't say that I heard Arnie say the WBOS call letters, or any call
> letters.  But he did announce "The Night Train Show, Music on Record." A
> few
> times.
> Was he syndicated?
> Thanks so much for posting this gem!
> -Lou
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> An aircheck of Arnie from WBOS in 1958 is here:
> which starts with that theme.
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> There are also a number of other Ginsberg-related things on this page,
> including the full WBOS version of the Night Train theme.

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