Re: ​Re: Worcester's 1440AM

John Andrews
Tue Dec 25 08:47:34 EST 2018


Hoping that memory serves me correctly...

1440 (WFTQ) went with the Kahn AM Stereo system, and I don't recall that 
they ever switched over to C-Quam. They were early and enthusiastic Kahn 
promoters -- Dom Bordonaro was their Chief, and he later worked for Kahn 
for a while.

1310 (WORC) did go with C-Quam. I'm thinking that Ron Frizzell from 
Maine was one of the owners at the time, and he was a big C-Quam proponent.

580 (WTAG) definitely did go C-Quam. Quite a project. I'm not sure of 
the year -- it may have been 1983. We were still owned by the T&G, with 
studios in Worcester. The audio on day pattern was very clean, and a 
pleasure to listen to on the pre-NRSC radios at the time. The night 
pattern stereo was more trouble than it was really worth, but we got by. 
We stuck with the C-Quam through the studio move to Paxton, and finally 
killed it around 1994 when the station was mostly talk.

Regarding the earlier posts about AM coverage, 0.5 mv/m just ain't what 
it used to be in houses or near power lines, due to increased noise 
levels. It's funny, but some of the best AM radio listening around here 
is in downtown Worcester, where there are no overhead wires.

John Andrews

On 12/25/2018 1:09 AM, Eli Polonsky wrote:
> I remember when both 1310 and 1440 were in C-Quam AM Stereo! I don't think
> 580 ever was.
> 1440 actually left the AM Stereo carrier on for several years after
> switching to WVEI and all mono sports programming. It's been off for at
> least a few years now, though.
> EP

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