WBZ radio leaving Soldiers Field Road

Martin Waters martinjwaters@yahoo.com
Sat Aug 25 19:35:37 EDT 2018

>On ‎Saturday‎, ‎August‎ ‎25‎, ‎2018‎ ‎12‎:‎24‎:‎51‎ ‎PM‎ ‎EDT, Ron Bello <rbello@belloassoc.com> wrote:  
 >What happens to the aux transmitter @ 1170 SFR ?
>Tough to move the tower !
 Presuming they get to keep using it, their only issue may be the need for a remote control so they can use it when they need it. IIRC, at least in the 20-aughts, folks just walked down the hall to the mailroom to start up the 10 kW transmitter when needed.
 As for moving the tower -- it's been done before. That tower is the old KDKA-FM tower that Westinghouse packed off to Boston in the 1950s. It may be only part of the old tower. I believe they could use higher power for their auxiliary if it was not right outside the studio building, as it was supposedly limited to 10 kW because of its proximity to the studios. There were sometimes issues with RF interference to equipment. Using the land-line phones when it was on the air could be an adventure.    


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