[Possible Spam(mid)]-Translators far away?

Dave Doherty dave@skywaves.net
Fri Apr 6 18:56:17 EDT 2018

Technically, a translator doesn't have a city of license, because - unlike a
full service station - there is no requirement to serve a particular
community. It would be perfectly legal to have a translator that actually
serves Worcester to be licensed to Pittsfield!

Under the current FCC rules, as long as the translator 60 dBu contour falls
entirely within the greater of the AM 2 mV/m contour or 25 miles from the AM
transmitter site, it's fine. Many AM operators are using this rule to extend
service to communities outside their normal coverage areas.


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Maybe some of the technical people can answer this?

This is a translator for 1570AM in Methuen


Looks like it barely reaches the city of license.....Methuen (right next to

Looks like the translator serves a different geo-population that the AM it
is intended to help.

How is this OK?

Thanks for your thoughts...


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