[Possible Spam(low)]-[B-R-I] Re: The FCC Enforcement Bureau Has Been Busy...

Sid Schweiger sids1045@aol.com
Wed Sep 13 23:19:45 EDT 2017

"So, 101.3 MHz ≈ 59 mV/m at 202 m, 105.3 MHz ≈ 81 mV/m and 104.7 MHz ≈ 103 mV/m at over 3 km?!?  I donʼt think so!
The one on 104.7 is nowhere as strong as the other two, and was measured over 15 times further away!
Me thinks there is a typo somewheres?  Maybe they meant 103 mV/m at 313.5 m (though even that still seems a little too strong, compared to the other two)?"
You're making an assumption which is unsupported by facts.  The only way this is a valid comparison is if the ERP and transmitting antenna configurations are identical for all three stations, and since that information is not contained in the NUOU's, that cannot be assumed.  Each of those field strength measurements is well within the realm of possibility.

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