Who Might Get Boston-Area Stations Divested In The CBS Radio/Entercom Merger?

Sean Smyth ssmyth@alumni.psu.edu
Fri Oct 13 20:45:26 EDT 2017

WTOP has had some layoffs under Hubbard, but not sure how much of that was
the business climate vs. cost cutting.

On Fri, Oct 13, 2017 at 7:42 PM Scott Fybush <scott@fybush.com> wrote:

> By way of clarification... WTOP was never owned by Chancellor or any of its
> successors (including Clear Channel/iHeart).
> Chase sold WTOP and WASH-FM to Evergreen in 1992, and Evergreen sold WTOP
> to Bonneville in 1997. Evergreen was then acquired by Chancellor a year or
> so later.
> That said, WTOP definitely went on a big growth spurt after 1997 under
> Bonneville, becoming the top revenue producer in the nation as it migrated
> from AM to a network of FM signals.
> On Oct 13, 2017 7:16 PM, "Doug Drown" <ashboy1951@gmail.com> wrote:
> > I had an email conversation this afternoon with a friend who used to work
> > for WTOP.  He said that when Chancellor/Clear Channel (iHeart) took over
> > the station they ravaged it.  Bonneville rebuilt it once again into a
> > successful and well-run operation; Hubbard then bought it and went to
> work,
> > making heavy investments, to make a top-notch product even better.  It
> > worked: WTOP has been the top-billing radio station in the U.S. during
> six
> > of the last eight years.  He's in hopes that Hubbard will be WBZ's buyer.
> > Now that I've read all this, so am I.
> >
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