Who Might Get Boston-Area Stations Divested In The CBS Radio/Entercom Merger?

Doug Drown ashboy1951@gmail.com
Fri Oct 13 20:43:58 EDT 2017

>>By way of clarification... WTOP was never owned by Chancellor or any of
its successors (including Clear Channel/iHeart).

Chase sold WTOP and WASH-FM to Evergreen in 1992, and Evergreen sold WTOP
to Bonneville in 1997. Evergreen was then acquired by Chancellor a year or
so later.<<

My mistake; I meant Evergreen rather than Chancellor.  (There have been so
many of these companies, I find it confusing.)  It was Evergreen, now
iHeart, that gutted WTOP and Bonneville that rebuilt it.  Hubbard has
continued what Bonneville began.


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