Recovered 1955 Radio Program Club Star Way WWNH Rochester

Sid Schweiger
Fri Oct 6 13:22:27 EDT 2017

"The Commission seems to have decided to ignore any application to which Mr. Dodge was a party, accepting it for filing but never acting on it. It is one of the more egregious examples of FCC arbitrariness, in my opinion."

Not egregious or arbitrary at all.  The applicable cliché is : "Every man has his breaking point."

FCC records are replete with Dodge's apparently willful ignorance of FCC rules, procedures and directives.  Recently he was told by the Commission that all subsequent applications for properties he owned or wished to purchase would be ignored.  Scott Fybush's August 14th NERW newsletter ( states that the record goes back for decades.  Dodge even managed to violate the terms of a consent decree to which he was a party.

Those of us who have worked in the broadcasting business for any length of time know how hard you have to try to draw the FCC's anger to this extent, but Dodge has somehow managed to pull it off.

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