George Allen
Sun Jun 11 12:57:30 EDT 2017

I do, and yes it's a pain that presets go away with power 
outages.  They are accessible from the box itself and the remote.

And why did they design this thing to tune/scan in 0.1 mHz increments 
instead of odd increments? Or am I being too north america centric?

From: Garrett Wollman <>
Date: Sun, 11 Jun 2017 02:16:40 -0400
Subject: Re: Sony XDR-F1HD

<<On Sun, 11 Jun 2017 01:12:22 -0400, "Don" <> said:
 > Does anyone else have a Sony XDR-F1HD radio?

I do.

 > Is there any way to get it to remember the presets if the AC goes out?

I've honestly never even attempted to do this -- my Sony is part of my
travel airchecking kit and the presets would be effectively useless
anyway.  And my recollection is that the presets are only useful with
the remote (IIRC, the remote can only tune to presets, not to
frequencies, and the on-box controls are exactly the opposite).  I
don't travel with the remote (not sure I could even lay hands on it

My airchecking procedure when arriving in a new city is to plug in the
tuner, hook it up to one of my Marantz digital recorders, and then do
an "HD scan" to note all of the multicasts, followed by a regular FM
scan to identify the remaining stations.  I don't even attempt AM on
the Sony -- there are few enough running AM HD anyway and these days
most of those are also multicast on a co-owned FM (and sould like crap
on either band).


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