Is WBRU on the brink?

Rob Landry
Mon Jul 31 14:34:55 EDT 2017

On Mon, 31 Jul 2017, Don wrote:

> So, does "college radio" mean it has to be student run, produced, managed
> freedom and freeform programming?

No, but it has to be run by students. If students want to set up a rigidly 
formatted station in which everyone plays what he or she is told in the 
way that he or she is told, that's still college radio in my book if it's 
created, organized and run by the students.

The moment you put a professional in charge, it's not college radio any 
more. It's no longer a student enterprise; it's the institution's 
enterprise, operated for the institution's purposes, the students being 
merely its agents.


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