Is WBRU on the brink?

Sean Smyth
Fri Jul 28 04:08:54 EDT 2017

WBRU says a sale is imminent.

Is there any room on the non-comm end of the dial in the Providence area?
Doubtful WBRU would even consider that move, I'm just curious.

On Wed, Jul 19, 2017 at 5:10 PM Sean Smyth <> wrote:

> According to Providence Monthly, it's up for sale.
> It's one of my music presets and I'll hate losing it, though I understand
> why it's happening. Like WHRB, it's run by an independent corporation. I'm
> guessing the financials are less of a concern at WHRB, but you wonder how
> long such student-run independent terrestrial stations can, or will want
> to, hold on. Anyone younger than 30 who lives in an environment with wifi
> hotspots everywhere doesn't appreciate the power of the radio waves.
> (h/t to Radio Insight)
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