NH stations to oldies, unrelated WMEX connection

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Tue Jul 4 13:25:51 EDT 2017

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> Subject: 1330/106.1 to biz, NH stations to oldies
> ​... ​
> WGAM and WGHM in NH (900 Nashua, 1250 Manchester) drops
> ​ ​

ESPN and other
> ​ ​
> sports in favor of oldies.
> ​Coincidentally around (but having nothing actually to do with)
the ​current disappearance of 1510 WMEX, Boston during the
same week, the automated oldies simulcas
t that WGAM
in NH
to yesterday is programmed by ​
​Gary James, who
was one of the Program Directors of WMEX, Boston during its
"oldies" incarnation ​
​when it was on 1150 AM.

Gary is also the voice on the WGAM/WGHM ID's and drop-ins.
It's very
similar (but not a direct simulcast
​ of​
) the
​automated ​
oldies format that Gary continues to program on 105.9 WMEX-
Rochester, NH.

The website for WGAM/WGHM has not yet been redone and is
in full ESPN motif, but the stream link plays the


​Like many longtime AM stations, WGAM and WGHM have his​tories
of being locally popular music stations in their areas in the 1960s.
WGAM was WKBR, and WGHM was WOTW. They also both briefly
previously played oldies at different times later on.

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