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Thu Jan 12 13:20:38 EST 2017

For mobile, The main complaint with FM HD, ( and this complaint has mostly 
gone away) is improper signal timing during signal transition going between 
Analog and HD, resulting in repeat or lag of the program content to the 
listener. Generally, the current HD Car receivers provide better reception 
in analog mode, than older analog sets.

AM HD is another story. Outside of the area where a station's signal is 
extremely strong, it often suffers from dropouts when challenged by even 
minor noise sources. WBZ's AM HD is the best I've listened to -- although it 
never holds for long, it often decodes HD 90 miles away in Springfield, and 
it holds pretty well in most of the Boston metro area. WCBS-AM's HD in New 
York also works well. But WTIC-AM's HD is poor to fair at best. It goes in 
and out up to within 10-15 miles of the 50kw station.

Then we also have the nightime problem with AM HD.

A major problem, with just a few exceptions, is that HD radio is not 
standard in basic models, but only in luxury models. It is not even an 
option on many cars & pickups. So, if HD were standard in most or all 
models, that would help the mode a lot.

I bought a mid-range model of the Subaru Outback in 2014 and have been 
impressed with the very, very good quality of the radio in both analog and 
HD radio, on AM and FM both, especially considering there is not a standard 
exterior radio antenna.

Mark Casey

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There are some new car models that come equipped with "HD Radio", but by
no means all do. I've heard reports that some dealers are disabling it
rather than deal with buyer complaints about radio reception.


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