Paul Anderson
Fri Jan 6 22:15:50 EST 2017

On Jan 6, 2017, at 9:11 AM, wrote:

> No 25.3 (Laff TV)?

I guess I forgot to put that on the list.  Yes, I get 25.3.

> No Providence (10 or 12 anyway)?

Nothing from Providence.  My antenna is a Mohu 50-mile job but it’s mounted inside on an exterior wall facing east-northeast.

Concerning newspaper TV listings, what a mess!  The Worcester Telegram & Gazette daily paper shows WJAR as “17” and out-of-order, listing it in its old spot before WPRI channel 12.  Granted that’s their cable position for their SD signal, but…  And who really watches the SD channel of any station these days?  Don’t most people have HD TVs?

I saw no NBC Boston listings in either the MetroWest Daily News, the Boston Globe or the Boston Herald on Tuesday, but as reported here, the Herald seems to have caught up.

The papers would be better off using call letters with a guide showing cable positions.  But I suppose there’s not room in the daily paper for that.


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