[B-R-I] Re: CRTC approves WBTS-LD for Canadian carriagec

Jeff Lehmann jjlehmann@comcast.net
Sun Jan 1 15:18:29 EST 2017

I believe they didn't choose 8/808 because 808 is where WLVI's HD channel is on most Comcast systems. They probably didn't want to deal with Ansin's complaints if they went and moved WLVI to a lesser position.

Jeff Lehmann

> On Jan 1, 2017, at 12:53 PM, Kaimbridge M. GoldChild <Kaimbridge@Gmail.com> wrote:
> Kevin Vahey wrote,
> > Early this morning the only ID showing on Comcast is WBTS-TV
> Yes, *early* this morning and previous (for Ch.10, and “WBTSHD”
> for Ch.810).
> By 11am, however, the on-screen IDs are now just “NBC” for Ch.10
> and “NBCHD” for Ch.810, period—no attribution to either WBTS or
> WNEU (which I suppose is perfectly legit, since it is received
> directly via fiber/cable from the headend and not OTA!).
> This whole RF-Ch.s 18(WMFP)/34(WNEU)/46(WBTS-LD) arrangement is
> ambiguous and murky, at best!
> Is there a reason why they picked Ch.10 for ComCast (a likely
> possibility being they wanted to match with WJARʼs “NBC 10” for a
> smooth South Shore hand-off—?) and not Ch.8?
> What they should have done is try and get WMTWʼs blessing to use
> Ch.8-10, in which case they could ID OTA as “WBTS-LD 8-10” and
> ComCast could then ID them as “NBC 10”/“NBCHD” (or even “NBC 810”).
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