WJIB at 101.3

Bob Nelson raccoonradio@gmail.com
Wed Aug 16 21:49:10 EDT 2017

The pirate has an Instagram message saying they have heard the rumors and
only can say they are trying to restore programming..but people can get it
on an app.

As for FM translators I too note what Bob is doing. But:
WSNO Barre VT got an FM translator and changed the AM from talk radio to
CHR.. because it must be a simulcast.1450 and 105.7 now known as "105.7 The

WMVX Salem NH is on 1110 and also 98.9 as a translator. Known as Valley 98.9

WRCA Watertown and WNBP Newburyport each have translators at 106.1 and are
known as Bloomberg 106.1

Get the picture?

On Aug 16, 2017 8:41 PM, "A Joseph Ross" <joe@attorneyross.com> wrote:

> Well, I'm glad the pirate moved, since it made the WJIB translator useless
> in my area.  Without the pirate interfering, the FM signal is superior to
> the AM signal, especially at night.
> I notice that Bob hasn't mentioned the translator on the air yet, he just
> refers to 730 and 740.  That harkens back to my younger days, when stations
> that did AM-FM simulcasting (except for WCRB) talked about the AM frequency
> and almost never mentioned the FM frequency. That was fine back when most
> of the audience was on AM, but I assume Bob put up the translator, as well
> as his other stations in Maine so that people will listen to them, and they
> won't unless they know about them.
> I suppose the WJIB translator is still in the test stage, but Bob doesn't
> mention the other Maine stations either, unless he uses announcements that
> are only heard in Maine.
> On 8/16/2017 5:17 PM, Bob Nelson wrote:
>> Hearing from 2 different people that the pirate first tried 100.5, and now
>> 100.9...both right next to WZLX.There's a huge list of local pirates in
>> Boston, Brockton and elsewhere...including some others right next to big
>> legit stations like this.
>> On Wednesday, August 16, 2017, Kaimbridge M. GoldChild <
>> Kaimbridge@gmail.com>
>> wrote:
>> Bob “RaccoonRadio” Nelson wrote,
>>> As I'd mentioned WJIB's translator is doing better here on the
>>>> North Shore or at least the pirate doesn't seem to be interfering.
>>>> Indeed I am on the fringe area of their signal, anyway. I am
>>>> hearing from some listeners of WJIB on a Facebook group; people in
>>>> Dorchester, Copley Sq. and Roslindale are getting W267CE now with
>>>> no interference and one person said they could barely pick up the
>>>> pirate right around where it was supposed to be broadcasting from.
>>>> So they may have turned the power way down, or maybe that was some
>>>> other station coming in--but he did seem to think it was Big City.
>>> Yup, by 2:25am Monday morning, “Big City 101.3” was no where
>>> to be heard at the South Station postal facility (or—later
>>> confirmed—anywheres up on the North Shore)...just Bob B.ʼs W267CE
>>> (w/Milfordʼs W267CD mixing in, up on the North Shore)!
>>> Back in March, I got the Sangean DT-160 AM/FM Pocket Radio, with
>>> good sensitivity, excellent (even adjacent channel) selectivity
>>> and SUPERB(!!!) image overload rejection:  While all of the other
>>> radios at South Station were “image wastelands” on FM due to the
>>> Pruʼs FM stick, the DT-160 had absolutely NO imaging whatsoever
>>> (even in the all-window cafeteria facing the Pru) except, maybe,
>>> very, very, VERY slight (and I mean to the point of not really
>>> being able to distinguish from the background noise floor!)
>>> “image hash” at the very bottom of the dial (87-89 MHz), as well
>>> as maybe an extremely weak image at .2 MHz above (and below?)
>>> the Pru signals (e.g., 100.7➜100.9)—though easily overtaken by
>>> the slightest bona fide on channel signal!....The biggest gripe
>>> I have with the DT-160 is its about .6-.9 sec. frequency change
>>> silence!
>>> What this means is—besides getting the Cape, RI, Worcester and
>>> SEʼrn NH to varying strength as regulars (as well as any tropo
>>> from ME to CT to LI/NYC {have already logged CT-95.7 and LI-97.5
>>> a couple of times} and probably even further)—all of the (even
>>> Pru adjacent channel) Boston area pirates are receivable at
>>> South Station!
>>> (I was off last night, and the night before I didnʼt hear
>>> anything on 100.5, but I will most certainly check tonight)
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