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Bob Nelson raccoonradio@gmail.com
Wed Aug 16 08:13:34 EDT 2017

As I'd mentioned WJIB's translator is doing better here on the North Shore
or at least the pirate doesn't seem to be interfering. Indeed I am on the
fringe area of their signal, anyway. I am hearing from some listeners of
WJIB on a Facebook group; people in Dorchester, Copley Sq. and Roslindale
are getting W267CE now with no interference and one person said they could
barely pick up the pirate right around where it was supposed to be
broadcasting from.
So they may have turned the power way down, or maybe that was some other
station coming in--but he did seem to think it was Big City.

On Wed, Aug 16, 2017 at 6:30 AM, Rob Landry <011010001@interpring.com>

> Remember, it's tropospheric ducting season. Yesterday morning something
> was interfering with WBUR on my way up I-95 towards New Hampshire, in
> places where I've never heard inerference before.
> This morning I'll bet there's a lot of tropo. The air was thick with smog
> and humidity; just the kind of conditions that seem to come with tropo.
> Low-powered signals such as translators will be the first to notice it.
> Last summer WTSN in Dover, NH added its translator on 98.1. The first time
> I heard it, it suffered from WCTK interferenmce all the way up I-95 well
> into Maine; but the next day it was clean as the proverbial whistle from
> the Hamtopn tolls all the way to Wells.
> Rob
> On Wed, 16 Aug 2017, A Joseph Ross wrote:
> I listened to the WJIB translator while driving to my office yesterday and
>> today (Tuesday) to see how it would come in.  Monday, I had a lot of
>> interference with a competing signal around my home in Washington Square,
>> Brookline and going up Beacon Street to about Cleveland Circle.  After
>> Cleveland Circle, going out Beacon Street to Newton, the translator signal
>> was pretty clean, with only a few cut-outs until I got to Newton Centre and
>> turned onto Centre Street.  In the parking lot of my building on Centre
>> Street, WJIB had a lot of competition from some other station.  From the
>> sound of it, I suspected that the station interfering in Newton was not the
>> same one that was interfering in Brookline.
>> Tuesday, the translator signal was mostly clean in Brookline, to the
>> extent that I think whatever station was competing with it was off the
>> air.  In Newton Centre, I began to hear another station.  At one point, it
>> cut in with just an announcer saying "101.3" before WJIB came back.  By the
>> time I got into the parking lot, I had heard enough of the competing signal
>> to think it was not a pirate but a professional station.  I even heard part
>> of an ad for a business in Milford.  When I parked the car, the other
>> station was coming in loud and clear, so I stayed and listened for a little
>> bit, and they IDed as WMRC, Milford.
>> A quick look at Wikipedia shows that WMRC is at 1490, with a translator
>> that they just put on the air last December.  They're calling the station
>> "MyFM 101.3" and playing adult contemporary music.  They seem to have a lot
>> of local commercials from in and around Milford.  Not a pirate, and they
>> must have quite a signal to be able to reach Newton Centre.  Before WJIB's
>> translator came on, they must have been easy to pick up in Newton, at least
>> on a car radio.
>> I still think that whatever I heard interfering in Brookline was a
>> different station.  Stay tuned.
>> On 8/9/2017 6:50 AM, Rob Landry wrote:
>>> On Tue, 8 Aug 2017, A Joseph Ross wrote:
>>> Looks like even Newton is on the boundary between local and distant.
>>> Now that my office is in Newton Centre, I'll have to try and listen from
>>>> there. Unfortunately, the pirate seems to make the FM translator hard
>>>> to listen to in most of the translator's local coverage area.
>>> Newton Centre is on the border of what we used to call "intermod alley",
>>> the area around the towers near Route 128 where receiver overloading from
>>> the nearby transmitters interferes with reception of more distant signals.
>>> I've noticed an increase in interference to WHRB's signal on my car radio
>>> due to something new going on the air in the area; I've not ye had the time
>>> to figure out what it may be. But it wouldn't suprise me at all if receiver
>>> overloading is an issue with receiving WJIB's translator in Newton Centre.
>>> Rob
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