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A Joseph Ross joe@attorneyross.com
Tue Aug 8 23:42:49 EDT 2017

Looks like even Newton is on the boundary between local and distant.

Now that my office is in Newton Centre, I'll have to try and listen from
there. Unfortunately, the pirate seems to make the FM translator hard
to listen to in most of the translator's local coverage area.

On 8/8/2017 10:26 AM, Eli Polonsky wrote:
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>> Subject: Re: WJIB at 101.3
>> I've been listening in my car since I saw the emails here about it. In
>> and around Brookline, I've found the AM daytime signal better than the
>> FM because of the pirate, or whatever it is, interfering. In a moving
>> car, the other signal keeps cutting in and interfering. But I was in
>> Waltham today and couldn't hear WJIB on FM at all. What is the range of
>> the translator?
> ​I've heard the WJIB translator in Waltham, but it is weak there and
> subject to interference, not so much from the Boston pirate, but from the
> WMRC, Milford translator also on 101.3​ which I could also hear interfering
> a bit in Waltham. The WJIB translator directional signal is reduced a bit
> in that direction to protect that Milford translator.
> Also, because the WJIB translator signal is sharply reduced to the
> northwest to protect an adjacent station in NH, its reception in the north
> side of Waltham may be worse than in the south side of Waltham. The
> theoretical coverage map from Radio-Locator (disregarding interference from
> pirates or other stations) is here, Waltham is mostly in the "distant"
> category: https://radio-locator.com/pats/W252BT_FX_CU.gif

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