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Yes, and I remember in the late 1950s, I used to pick it up in Bedford, 
even sometimes in daytime.  This was just after we had moved to Bedford 
from Albany, and I listened often.  But I was surprised to learn, from a 
reference to WPTR in the school newspaper, that many others at Bedford 
High were also listening.

On 8/6/2017 3:46 AM, Kevin Vahey wrote:
> Joe
> I doubt there has been any major maintenance to the 1540 transmitter
> location in Colonie, NY in decades.
> In 1966 WPTR was one of 3 stations that promoted the Beatles at
> Suffolk Downs along with WBZ and WMEX and that was mainly because of
> the popularity of Roger Scott. Scott was hired by CFOX Montreal
> because WPTR had become the station of choice for Montreal teens at
> night.
> Scott was a talent and he died way too young
> Scott WPTR
> https://audioboom.com/posts/2606565-roger-scott-last-show-wptr-albany-1966
> Scott CFOX
> https://audioboom.com/posts/2606569-roger-scott-cfox-montreal-1969?playlist_direction=forward&t=0
> On Sun, Aug 6, 2017 at 12:21 AM, A Joseph Ross <joe@attorneyross.com> wrote:
>> I haven't checked for a long time, and I just got hash when I tried just
>> now, but I always used to be able to get Albany 1540 with no trouble here in
>> Brookline.  I wonder what's happened since then, or is it just because
>> sunspots are down?
>> On 8/5/2017 5:28 PM, M.Casey wrote:
>>> Mark, Thank you for the interesting Cape Cod AM DX report & the details.
>>> Even without much music, I still find daytime (and nite) AM DX'ing on the
>>> car radio fun.  Shoreline locations make it even more fun. WMID in Atlantic
>>> City is the station whose coverage amazes me--graveyard freq at 1340, not
>>> much power, but can be received, days, from the CT shore (maybe the
>>> southside of the Cape or is New Bedford 1340 still on?) all the way down
>>> almost to Cape Hatteras, NC! and, still playin' the old tunes last time I
>>> checked.
>>> WACM 1270, Springfield, is still on the air playing Mr. Fuller's Kool
>>> Oldies but most of us are listening to their FM on 100.1. The format sounds
>>> great.
>>> With the poor soil conductivity and the high dial position the Albany 1540
>>> doesn't stand a chance in Eastern Mass. Yesterday I tried listening to 1540
>>> when I was near North Adams, Mass., and Stamford, VT. There was a signal,
>>> but not much of one, which I did not take the time to ID. Us DX diehards get
>>> tired of static and fading at times. Like WMEX on 1510, even with 50k, those
>>> high dial stations have a tough time getting out during the day, although at
>>> nite, they generally work better they generally work a little better than
>>> the low dial position stations. But, now, only a few of us ever listen to AM
>>> radio at night, nevermind listening to DX stations at night on AM.
>>> Anyone have an idea what station on 1510, around 10pm last night, in
>>> English, playing 70's, 80's popular music which sounds like a canned show.
>>> It had a fair to good signal for 1/2 hour or so around 10pm while traveling
>>> in Southern Vermont. Again, failed to ID.
>>> I'm looking to replace my 2006 Toyota Tundra radio with an aftermarket
>>> unit that has decent AM & FM reception, HD & Bluetooth. Looking for
>>> recommendations on a decent unit.
>>> Thank-You
>>> Mark Casey
>>> K1MAP
>>> Hampden, Mass.
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>>> Subject: WNBP 1450 (+ WXEX 1540)
>>> As noted on a couple of email lists, WNBP Newburyport, MA has dropped its
>>> oldies format and now has Bloomberg business talk (... yawn).
>>> Unfortunately this means that I have one music station fewer for my AM car
>>> pushbutton choices.
>>> The button that once was WNBP has now been reassigned to WXEX from NH on
>>> 1540.  That's more a classic rocker than pre-1980 oldies or nostalgia. Still
>>> not a bad station though.
>>> Signal strength of WXEX is a bit less than that of WNBP but it is still
>>> usable away from overhead power lines.
>>> Both 1450 and 1540 have signal "issues" if I'm within 2 miles of the
>>> Cape's south side facing Nantucket Sound.  WPGG Atlantic City, NJ interferes
>>> with WNBP on 1450 and WADK Newport, RI interferes with WXEX on 1540.  Still,
>>> in many areas north of Route 28, WNBP and WXEX are "playable."
>>> That I have to use either of these stations, neither intended to hit this
>>> area, just shows how scarce the choices are for music on AM other than,
>>> perhaps, that of an ethnic or religious nature.
>>> WJTO 730 and WCME 900 from Maine are other car radio pushbuttons. Neither
>>> of those is a city grade signal here either.  Just shows how slim the
>>> options are.  In the late '60s, we had rock from WRKO and WBZ Boston, WPRO
>>> Providence, WHEB Portsmouth, and WABC NYC all providing good signals here.
>>> Probably a couple out of ME too.
>>> WXEX mentions 92.1 and 97.1 FM with no mention of the 1540 AM.
>>> Well, just for giggles, I checked those channels.  92.1 is WOMR out of
>>> Provincetown (some of you will remember as being of Ernie Cooper fame) and
>>> 97.1 had "97.1 the Wave" which, per web search, turns out to be WAVD
>>> Milford, DE (!), obviously via tropo and likely not a regular.
>>> Mark Connelly, WA1ION
>>> South Yarmouth, MA
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