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I doubt there has been any major maintenance to the 1540 transmitter
location in Colonie, NY in decades.

In 1966 WPTR was one of 3 stations that promoted the Beatles at
Suffolk Downs along with WBZ and WMEX and that was mainly because of
the popularity of Roger Scott. Scott was hired by CFOX Montreal
because WPTR had become the station of choice for Montreal teens at

Scott was a talent and he died way too young

Scott WPTR


Scott CFOX


On Sun, Aug 6, 2017 at 12:21 AM, A Joseph Ross <joe@attorneyross.com> wrote:
> I haven't checked for a long time, and I just got hash when I tried just
> now, but I always used to be able to get Albany 1540 with no trouble here in
> Brookline.  I wonder what's happened since then, or is it just because
> sunspots are down?
> On 8/5/2017 5:28 PM, M.Casey wrote:
>> Mark, Thank you for the interesting Cape Cod AM DX report & the details.
>> Even without much music, I still find daytime (and nite) AM DX'ing on the
>> car radio fun.  Shoreline locations make it even more fun. WMID in Atlantic
>> City is the station whose coverage amazes me--graveyard freq at 1340, not
>> much power, but can be received, days, from the CT shore (maybe the
>> southside of the Cape or is New Bedford 1340 still on?) all the way down
>> almost to Cape Hatteras, NC! and, still playin' the old tunes last time I
>> checked.
>> WACM 1270, Springfield, is still on the air playing Mr. Fuller's Kool
>> Oldies but most of us are listening to their FM on 100.1. The format sounds
>> great.
>> With the poor soil conductivity and the high dial position the Albany 1540
>> doesn't stand a chance in Eastern Mass. Yesterday I tried listening to 1540
>> when I was near North Adams, Mass., and Stamford, VT. There was a signal,
>> but not much of one, which I did not take the time to ID. Us DX diehards get
>> tired of static and fading at times. Like WMEX on 1510, even with 50k, those
>> high dial stations have a tough time getting out during the day, although at
>> nite, they generally work better they generally work a little better than
>> the low dial position stations. But, now, only a few of us ever listen to AM
>> radio at night, nevermind listening to DX stations at night on AM.
>> Anyone have an idea what station on 1510, around 10pm last night, in
>> English, playing 70's, 80's popular music which sounds like a canned show.
>> It had a fair to good signal for 1/2 hour or so around 10pm while traveling
>> in Southern Vermont. Again, failed to ID.
>> I'm looking to replace my 2006 Toyota Tundra radio with an aftermarket
>> unit that has decent AM & FM reception, HD & Bluetooth. Looking for
>> recommendations on a decent unit.
>> Thank-You
>> Mark Casey
>> K1MAP
>> Hampden, Mass.
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>> Subject: WNBP 1450 (+ WXEX 1540)
>> As noted on a couple of email lists, WNBP Newburyport, MA has dropped its
>> oldies format and now has Bloomberg business talk (... yawn).
>> Unfortunately this means that I have one music station fewer for my AM car
>> pushbutton choices.
>> The button that once was WNBP has now been reassigned to WXEX from NH on
>> 1540.  That's more a classic rocker than pre-1980 oldies or nostalgia. Still
>> not a bad station though.
>> Signal strength of WXEX is a bit less than that of WNBP but it is still
>> usable away from overhead power lines.
>> Both 1450 and 1540 have signal "issues" if I'm within 2 miles of the
>> Cape's south side facing Nantucket Sound.  WPGG Atlantic City, NJ interferes
>> with WNBP on 1450 and WADK Newport, RI interferes with WXEX on 1540.  Still,
>> in many areas north of Route 28, WNBP and WXEX are "playable."
>> That I have to use either of these stations, neither intended to hit this
>> area, just shows how scarce the choices are for music on AM other than,
>> perhaps, that of an ethnic or religious nature.
>> WJTO 730 and WCME 900 from Maine are other car radio pushbuttons. Neither
>> of those is a city grade signal here either.  Just shows how slim the
>> options are.  In the late '60s, we had rock from WRKO and WBZ Boston, WPRO
>> Providence, WHEB Portsmouth, and WABC NYC all providing good signals here.
>> Probably a couple out of ME too.
>> WXEX mentions 92.1 and 97.1 FM with no mention of the 1540 AM.
>> Well, just for giggles, I checked those channels.  92.1 is WOMR out of
>> Provincetown (some of you will remember as being of Ernie Cooper fame) and
>> 97.1 had "97.1 the Wave" which, per web search, turns out to be WAVD
>> Milford, DE (!), obviously via tropo and likely not a regular.
>> Mark Connelly, WA1ION
>> South Yarmouth, MA
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