WNBP 1450 (+ WXEX 1540)

Mark Connelly markwa1ion@aol.com
Sat Aug 5 16:10:05 EDT 2017

No signal from Albany here in the daytime on 1540, just WXEX and WADK.  Useful groundwave from them barely makes it east to the Route 2 / I-495 junction.

Night, of course, is a different story.  Bahamas, Toronto, and Waterloo (IA) are in the stew with Albany as well.  Pretty much an unlistenable mess then.

Mark Connelly
South Yarmouth, MA

I'm surprised you don't get interference from 1540 in Albany. Is that
still WDCD or is it WPTR again?

On 8/4/2017 4:39 PM, Mark Connelly via Boston-Radio-Interest wrote:
> Both 1450 and 1540 have signal "issues" if I'm within 2 miles of the Cape's south side facing Nantucket Sound. WPGG Atlantic City, NJ interferes with WNBP on 1450 and WADK Newport, RI interferes with WXEX on 1540. Still, in many areas north of Route 28, WNBP and WXEX are "playable."
> That I have to use either of these stations, neither intended to hit this area, just shows how scarce the choices are for music on AM other than, perhaps, that of an ethnic or religious nature.

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