Valley 98.9

Tue Apr 11 01:07:31 EDT 2017

>>As for "local service," it sounds like there's no more or less than
>> there was when 1110 was doing talk in recent years.

They had 2 hours of local talk weekdays.

Some local specialty shows on weekends.

And since they were owned in part by the Eagle-Tribune...they had hourly 
local updates from the ET newsroom.

> how many of the local advertisers we had on WCAP or WLLH or WCCM or WHAV 
> are still around now to spend dollars on local radio?

Do they think they are going to make lots of ad sales with a 154 watt FM?

>>It's not 1975 or even 1995 anymore.

So, I guess that means we can't even do a local weather report?


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