Valley 98.9

Scott Fybush
Mon Apr 10 14:31:25 EDT 2017

On 4/10/2017 11:52 AM, Don wrote:
>>> An automated jukebox they feel can make money, as opposed to
>>> running talk, ethnic, religion, syndicated sports, etc.
> And I gues that's what's important, huh?
> No pretext of local service?

Making money is important, yes - otherwise there's no radio station.

As for "local service," it sounds like there's no more or less than 
there was when 1110 was doing talk in recent years.

It's not 1975 or even 1995 anymore. There are so many more entities 
competing for the attention of potential listeners, and radio is just 
one piece of that puzzle. Local ad dollars didn't go to any sort of 
digital media back then, or even very much to cable ad insertion. And 
how many of the local advertisers we had on WCAP or WLLH or WCCM or WHAV 
are still around now to spend dollars on local radio?

Yes, I'd love to go back to the days (was it really only 1992?) when I 
was one of *two* local newsrooms serving Lowell on a Saturday morning, 
competing like crazy to get a scoop over WLLH (and if we could both beat 
WCCM, so much the better), but I don't think those days are coming back.


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