Valley 98.9

Bob Nelson
Mon Apr 10 06:52:44 EDT 2017

An automated jukebox they feel can make money, as opposed to running talk,
ethnic, religion, syndicated sports, etc. Serving the community, eh? Minus
DJs, etc. (Anyone remember when WCGY 93.7 was similarly programmed with pop
as The Rock Garden? Pre recorded mentions of the songs but pretty much

Fybush notes today in North East Radio Watch that 1110 now has the WMVX
calls (MV as in Merrimack Valley, I wonder?) while 1570 becomes WCCM.

So yes, automated jukebox, as they may feel that's where the money is (with
the FM tail wagging the AM dog).It's Valley 98.9 not Valley 1110. That's
where the money is, in oldies.
WKRP first episode:
Les: But there are already a lot of rock and roll stations in Cincinatti!

Andy: Well, why do you think that is, Les?

Les: Well, I think it's a plot of some sort.

Andy: No, Les. Rock and roll is where the money is.

On Sunday, April 9, 2017, Don <> wrote:

> Bill O'Neill wrote:
>> Visiting dad here in Dracut. Listening to the new "Valley 98.9" (1110 kHz
>> but who's kidding whom?)
>>> Gotta admit, I'm impressed by the music algorithm. Signal is okay here in
>> Dracut which is interesting because >1110 is only barely distinguishable
>> here).
> While it's nice to hear some of the songs......the station seems like
> another another famous un-manned jukebox.
> I don't know if this is a service, satellite or music network...but there
> doesn't see to be any human connection with this radio station.
> Just another automated box in a closet.

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