[B-R-I] Re: WBZ Coverage

Kaimbridge M. GoldChild Kaimbridge@Gmail.com
Wed Oct 19 00:45:19 EDT 2016

Mark Casey wrote,

 > About 30 years ago, the FCC made AM stations narrow their
 > signals. While lessening fidelity a tiny bit, it made
 > listening to adjacent channels much easier. But when AM HD
 > came on, that often negated those improvements and made
 > listenability of adjacent channel stations much worse. So now,
 > both WBZ and KDKA on 1020 run HD radio 24 hours. That is
 > sometimes, a problem, mostly for skywave listeners.

Not anymore.
I donʼt know about KDKA, but WBZ stopped running IBOC at night 
about a year ago—actually a year ago, mid-November—to protect KDKA.


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