"From Eastport to Block Island"

Sean Smyth ssmyth@alumni.psu.edu
Tue Oct 18 09:05:06 EDT 2016

On Saturday, October 15, 2016, Doug Drown <ashboy1951@gmail.com> wrote:

> Regarding the MapQuest map and WBZ's signal: Yup, we're talking the entire
> New England coast (and somewhat up the Bay of Fundy as well).  I have
> relatives in Norwalk, CT, and can get 'BZ on my car radio there, though
> faintly due to its being sandwiched between WINS and WEPN.  The daytime
> coverage area, as observed in my daytime travels, extends from Port Jervis,
> NY up through the Capital District area and from thence north-northeast to
> Sherbrooke and northeast to the Maritimes.  That's a pretty darn wide
> swath.

Years ago, I picked up 1030 mid-afternoon while traveling on the Jersey
Turnpike. It was in December, IIRC, so I'm sure that helped matters in
terms of daytime reception. I think I was around Exit 8 or so but I don't
remember anymore.

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