Joel Najman and WDEV

Bob Nelson
Sat Nov 19 17:11:26 EST 2016

Longtime host of VPR's My Place too

On Saturday, November 19, 2016, <>

> I just called Joel Najman to make a request. That Joel would head straight
> downstairs to the legendary WDEV record library to find the song, head back
> upstairs and to play it NEXT, was amazing enough.
> But, when I requested the song, Judy Collins' solo version of the Pete
> Seeger song, "Turn, Turn, Turn", Joel offers on the phone that the
> guitarist on that single was Roger McGuinn who would later bring that song
> to the Byrds, who would put the song into perpetual airplay.
> If you're a radio guy, you may detect another oddity here. Radio (and
> formers like me) make for lousy listeners. Very lousy. We analyze. We
> consider elements, mixes, clocks, processing, mic technique, genuineness,
> TSLs.
> But, when it comes to Joel Najman (and, for that matter, much of what the
> Radio Vermont Group produces) I find myself comfortably in the crowd,
> simply taking it all in.
> If you're from away from here in Vermont, login to your TuneIn app or go
> to and listen live sometime, particularly Saturdays, about
> 12:30 and throughout the afternoon (minus local spots or Red Sox).
> And, if you do call Joel Najman on the phone, be likewise prepared to
> learn something new.
> Bill O'Neill
> Shoreham, VT

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