Joel Najman and WDEV
Sat Nov 19 14:07:28 EST 2016

I just called Joel Najman to make a request. That Joel would head straight downstairs to the legendary WDEV record library to find the song, head back upstairs and to play it NEXT, was amazing enough.  

But, when I requested the song, Judy Collins' solo version of the Pete Seeger song, "Turn, Turn, Turn", Joel offers on the phone that the guitarist on that single was Roger McGuinn who would later bring that song to the Byrds, who would put the song into perpetual airplay.

If you're a radio guy, you may detect another oddity here. Radio (and formers like me) make for lousy listeners. Very lousy. We analyze. We consider elements, mixes, clocks, processing, mic technique, genuineness, TSLs. 

But, when it comes to Joel Najman (and, for that matter, much of what the Radio Vermont Group produces) I find myself comfortably in the crowd, simply taking it all in. 

If you're from away from here in Vermont, login to your TuneIn app or go to and listen live sometime, particularly Saturdays, about 12:30 and throughout the afternoon (minus local spots or Red Sox). 

And, if you do call Joel Najman on the phone, be likewise prepared to learn something new.

Bill O'Neill
Shoreham, VT

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