CBS Looking To Sell Off Their Radio Stations

Kevin Vahey
Wed Mar 16 02:23:56 EDT 2016

iheartMedia (Clear Channel) is in no position to buy anything and their
situation may have forced CBS's hand. Station prices are going to drop

I think you might see CBS hang on to the news AM stations they have and
also hang on to their sports radio properties and unload everything else.

The Chicago CBS cluster is similar to Boston and Robert Feder writes

Here is the reality of radio today - music stations do not bill well and
there are also music license fees to deal with. I would love to see the
Boston billing figures but I would guess it would mirror Chicago with
WBZ=AM and WBZ-FM doing well and the rest surviving.

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>>> CBS is putting their entire radio division up for sale according to this
> article in Variety. CBS CEO Les Moonves confirming this at the CBS Investor
> Day presentation today.
> <<
> Will they sell as a whole....or in bunches...or individual stations?
> I know in Boston Clear Channel (IheartMedia) would love to pick up a few
> more full-signal FM's in they only have 2-1/2 right now.
> (Although, IHM Has other problems right now...)
> I can't think of who might want to run an all-news 50KW AM station (and
> run it in a good way) if CBS doesn't want it.
> Clear Channel does have some experience running 50KW blowtorch stations in
> many markets.
> But what could they get for these stations?  In the same announcement, CBS
> stated that they "don't see radio as a growth industry any longer".
> Does anyone see it as a growth industry worthy of investment?
> Don

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