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The dead carrier of pirate 1570 in Lowell is still on the air (and has been for 5+ years) at 100 watts

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Mark Connelly wrote,

 > I am fairly sure that the change of transmitter site for WMVX  > 1570 from Beverly, MA to Andover, MA (CoL Methuen) occurred  > this week on Wednesday (9 MAR).  Around noon EST I was  > listening on the car radio and both 800 WNNW and 1570 WMVX  > were off the air.  This left weak CJAD on 800 and WFTU on 1570.

Yup, you beat me to the punch—though I noticed it a week earlier (We 2 Mar) just after 5pm, when WMVX was definitively weaker and nullable in North Beverly.
I drove over to the Endicott College xmtr site Tuesday morning and WMVX programming was popping in and out with a dead carrier, with no increase in signal strength so, yes, I would say that the college site is now history.
If you look at the STA granting,


the opening background explanation says “that WMVX(AM) was informed that its current tower lease would not be renewed and that the station could only remain at its current licensed site until February 1, 2016.”
So where was the station during February, if elsewhere?
Then there is a major caveat:   “However, the STA is for daytime 
operation only and the daytime non-directional power is limited to 3 kilowatts.”
Well, up to now, they have been a flagrant violator of their nighttime reduction requirements and it doesnʼt sound like that status has changed.

 > Note that WNNW and relocated WMVX are to be sharing the same  > "stick" located just northeast of the I-93 / I-495 junction  > in Andover, MA.

I believe it is the old (now auxiliary) 93.7 stick—?
Looking at the application search details,


it looks like the CoL change to Methuen has been approved a/o Feb 26th?
Iʼve tried listening from about :50-:10 and havenʼt been able to catch a ToH ID.


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