WILD 1090 AM -- 60s and 70s DJ contact help request

Brian Coleman brian@good-road.net
Thu Jan 28 18:29:56 EST 2016

Hello to the Boston Radio Interest list.


I'm new to the list, but I was hoping that some of the people on here might
be able to assist me - I'm doing research on WILD 1090 AM in Boston and
trying to track down some of the original / earlier DJs who are still with


-          Jimmy "Early" Byrd - Skippy White told me he is out in Washington
now, near Seattle, possibly in a retirement home


-          Hank McFarlane


-          Roy Sampson - I believe he's in Baltimore these days


-          Tony Lewis - I believe he's in LA or in California somewhere


-          Big Buddy Lowe - Also California, I believe


-          Paul Yates - no idea where he is


-          Monty Bowens 


If anyone has any advice on ways to get at these pioneering radio DJs and
station management staff, I'd appreciate the help!


I'll also be speaking with some of the '80s/'90s people down the road, but
not as worried about finding them at this stage.


Thanks very much.


Brian Coleman


Brian@Good-Road.net <mailto:Brian@Good-Road.net> 


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