Boston Pops broadcasts

Rob Landry
Mon Feb 29 15:07:02 EST 2016

During my time at WCRB, our contract to broadcast the Boston Symphony also 
covered the Pops; all Saturday night Pops concerts from Symphony Hall were 
broadcast as well as any Pops concerts at Tanglewood and the July 4 Boston 
Pops Esplanade Orchestra concert (but not any of the other Boston Pops 
Esplanade Orchestra concerts).

I left WCRB when WGBH took it over, so I don't know if this is still the 
case, but I do know the BSO was insistent on keeping the Pops on the air.

[Aside: The Boston Pops Orchestra is the Boston Symphony Orchestra, minus 
its first string players, under a different conductor; the Boston Pops 
*Esplanade* Orchestra is a bunch of other musicians hired to substitute 
for the real Pops when it has to be elsewhere. The Esplanade Orchestra 
typically performs in Boston during the summer when the Boston Symphony is 
at Tanglewood at the other end of the state. Oh, and the missing first 
string players during Pops season perform as The Boston Symphony Chamber 
Players. All of these are different incarnations of the same organization, 
The Boston Symphony Orchestra, Incorporated. Are you confused yet?]


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