Blackout 1965

Tue Nov 10 08:04:09 EST 2015


Great piece!  I, too, remember hearing Arnie "Woo Woo" Ginsburg on WMEX
through a transistor radio.  The music was playing a bit fast.  I had asked
my dad why, and he explained the use of generators.  I guess the power
generated wasn't very clean.  In The North End, where I lived, the only
lights to be seen were the bright lights of the newly renovated St.
Stephen's Church, again courtesy of a generator.


Your discussion of The Cold War was interesting, as well.  A lot of people
we spoke with were fearing that it was "The Russians" doing evil things to
us.  Others were blaming UFOs.  It was a Twilight Zone-y night, for sure.




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