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I guess a station could say "WWWW Boston and the Planet Mars" these days if they wanted to (radio waves go into space, after all). I remember when KABL in Oakland CA was fined and admonished by the FCC for saying "KABL Oakland....in the air everywhere over San Francisco". The FCC told them they were licensed to serve Oakland, not San Francisco, and that they should only mention Oakland in the legal ID.  Interestingly, the Medford 1430 of the time (WHIL) used a similar slogan and quickly dropped it after the KABL censure. 

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I wasn't in a position to listen, but often the "top of the hour" ID isn't the legal ID.

I know at least at one point that WKLB-FM was burying it's legal ID "WKLB-FM Waltham Boston"  a few minutes before the hour, then using a prominent jingle on the hour announcing "Country 102.5 WKLB Boston".

Maybe KOX is doing the same thing?


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