1410 vs WKOX 1430 AM HD intereference

M.Casey map@mapinternet.com
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The FCC should realize that AM HD is mostly a failure and will be mostly a 
failure in the future. The sound is very good, but only when the signal is 
good and there's not a noisy computer or other interference source in the 
area.  It drops out when any kind of noise is encountered, and that's just 
the location when the listener really needs the noise-free digital signal--  
so any interference areas are a lose-lose situation for AM HD. Hardly any 
listeners are using it. One reason for the low amount of listeners is the 
way the (HD) Market has formed in the last few years shows that many, maybe 
most, of those AM HD stations ALSO have their signal on a -2 or -3 channel 
of an FM HD station, so, even given the FM HD coverage limitations, with the 
lack of robustness in AM HD's ability to handle local noise, most listeners 
will choose the FM HD-2 or -3 signal over the AM HD one. And, as 
demonstrated in Boston, many listeners of adjacent and second adjacent 
channel stations are affected negatively. It would not be a bad thing if the 
FCC gave a year or 2 for current AM HD's to be turned off and turned off 
sooner if provable interference complaints within reasonable service 
contours of those adjacent stations are on record.

FM HD shows different and much more positive results. I really hope it 
succeeds. Some of the early home recievers were not very robust, but my 2014 
Subaru HD car radio really works superb. Even with the limited coverage, it 
works much better than I expected. If every, or nearly every new car came 
with an FM HD radio, that would probably assure success.


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I just got a report that the !@#$%& IBOC is back on.

The person at the FCC who thought this was a good idea should be roasted
over a slow fire.


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