Am prices in Boston....

John Mullaney
Tue Jun 9 20:12:15 EDT 2015

American Radio was bought by CBS but they had too many properties in Boston
so they had to get rid of all but WBMX. They made a deal with Entercom to
trade stations in different markets so WAAF, WEEI and WRKO went to Entercom
here. Don't remember what CBS got.

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I remember the sale price was $3,000,000 when American Radio Systems bought
it, but I can't find the Entercom price.

I remember as a small kid listening to Bob & Ray. Wow am I old! They had
such great characters and I remember most of them.

I was doing business with one of the cable TV pioneers, Steve Dodge. He sold
850 and started American Tower Systems which was a brilliant business move,
"Build a tower and they will come." And they certainly did.

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Anyone recall how much Entercom paid for 850AM?

Any idea what it would bring now?

Basically you would be buying a stick...on a dying band,
with no local  programming, no ratings, and no billing.

Anyone want to speculate?

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