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Mon Jun 8 23:31:44 EDT 2015

As painful as this topic is.....   I'd look at 850's  land.   Being on the 
Needham/Wellesley border area, its gotta be worth  tens of millions.  3 
towers. (Three towers-worth of WMAL land.... 60+  million).  Without the land, 
what's 850 worth?   Not much if it's  separated from its land in the future 
and it can't be diplexed off of 680.  $500k or less.   If sold intact with 
land, a ton more.
Related:  I'm hearing that the land is not included in the 1260  sale!  
What is included is the lease on it.  I had thought the station  and land were 
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Anyone recall how much  Entercom paid for 850AM?

Any idea what it would bring  now?

Basically you would be buying a stick...on a dying band,
with  no local  programming, no ratings, and no billing.

Anyone want to  speculate? 

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