Scott Fybush scott@fybush.com
Fri May 30 16:15:30 EDT 2014

On 5/30/2014 3:44 PM, Rob Landry wrote:

> The problem was Arbitron disry keepers hearing "WCLB" and writing down
> "WCRB". The problem became immediately evident to WCLB's management
> (still Fairbanks Broadcasting, I think), and they applied to change to
> "WKLB" without any encoouragement from WCRB.

And it's important to note that the days of diary misattribution are 
gone, at least in the Boston market. The PPM meters know what they're 
hearing, no matter what it's being called on the air. That's probably 
one reason nobody at CBS is getting in any kind of a lather over "WWBZ" 
in Orange - the possibility that WWBZ will in any way affect the ratings 
or revenue of WBZ(AM) or WBZ-FM is quite literally zero. That was not 
the case when WCLB and WCRB were battling it out.


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