Stronger HD Signals

D. A.
Thu Mar 13 21:22:01 EDT 2014

>>So I guess my next question is, what needs to be done for HD Radio to bring a return on investment? <<

I think of the additional FM HD channels similar to a station's web site.

It's a place to put added content that can't be on the main channel, and will be used as "value added" when needed to secure a buy.

A website doesn't necessarily make money for the station, but it allows for extra inventory and promotional opportunities.

>> What about leasing an HD sub-channel? 

Before they bought 1060AM...I know there was a Catholic group that was fishing around trying to lease an HD2 signal for EWTN.  

However, the value to the radio dial is to add more (niche) music formats.  The formats that people seem to miss have been Jazz, Oldies and Classical (before 99.5 put it back.  This would be a good place for those formats.

>>What about leasing time on a sub-channel, such as Haitian or Irish?

Irish music is already on 96.9 HD2.   Every time an operator "leases out" a station or channel, it cheapens the product.  

>>Instead of paying for a mediocre AM signal and bad sound, they could give that same money to a bigger FM with CD sound? 

I would LOVE to see AM 740 rebroadcast on some FM HD 2 or 3 channel.

Do you remember when FM was young?  The appeal of the FM stations was few commercials.  "In the next 60'll hear 59 minutes of the worlds most beautiful music!"

FM 97.....W-J-I-B....ALL Music!  <ding>

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