WZBR 1410 Dedham, WKOX 1430 Everett

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I don't think WENE hs made any changes but WNSW (I think those are the Newark calls) is completely different.The old pattern was 5 kW into two towers located south of Newark. Pattern was a modified cardioid aimed East-Southeast, IIRC. Station lost its old site and moved to the WPAT (930) site in Clifton, which is quite far north of the old site. The WPAT sie has four towers which are self-supporting, top-loaded, and electrically very tall (225 degrees at 1430). If it ever completed the build-out, WNSW is now running 10 kW-D, 7 kW-N DA-2. The pattern is quite different from that of the old two-tower array, but I believe WNSW now protects WKOX, which it didn't use to do. If the build-out was not completed, WNSW is probably running low night power either ND or is using a simple temporary pattern.
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>Can anyone explain why WZBR's license to cover was rescinded shortly after it was granted? The announcement of the rescinded grant was in the FCC actions roughly a week ago. Also, >although I can't offer any proof, WKOX 1430 appears to me to be coming in much stronger at night at my location than it ever has since the station (then WXKS) added night service with 1 >kW DA-N. I think the night service was added about 20 years ago. 

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  .........I too am getting a nearly listenable signal late at night on WKOX-AM 1430,  a bit less than thirty miles due north of the transmitter.

  In the past, if I tuned to 1430 late at night,  there was a battle between the 1430s in  Endicott, NY and Newark, NJ.    The last

  time I checked they hardly intrudded on WKOX-AM at all.  Did  THEY alter their nighttime patterns at all, allowing WKOX-AM to be

  heard better?

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