Aereo suspending operations as of 11:30 today

Mark Connelly
Mon Jun 30 11:56:25 EDT 2014

Not to stir up a hornet's nest here, but what about retransmission of 
radio signals via remote receivers controlled over the internet?


These are often used by radio amateurs (hams) to detect their own 
transmissions at distant locations but they can also be used to listen 
to normal AM, FM, shortwave, and longwave broadcasting stations.

Listening to baseball games, something for which would charge, 
is certainly within the realm of what remote radios can do.

Mark Connelly
South Yarmouth, MA

On 6/29/2014 9:34 PM, Gary's Ice Cream wrote:
> Not really......according to the way an engineer explained Aereo to
> me.....each customer has their own slingbox connected to a tv 
receiver at
> the data center. The customer has the channel changing capability of 
> own tuner at the data center so basically it is a remote tuner for 
your tv.
> According to the tech who worked there they don't have one feed per 
> station coming in and it isn't being distributed through a 
> amplifier to a bunch of boxes. Each customer has his or her own 
slingbox (I
> am using that as a generic term not as a brand name), their own tuner 
> their own antenna. From the box it goes out to a combined internet
> connection onto the web and each customer has their own unique IP 
> Correct me if I am wrong someone.
> Gary's Ice Cream, Chelmsford, MA

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