Yahoo! subscribers can post to the list again, hopefully

Garrett Wollman
Fri Jun 27 21:30:13 EDT 2014

I've applied a mitigation from the latest Mailman release that should
allow Yahoo! users to post to the list -- at a cost, however, as all
of their messages will now be "wrapped" by the list to prevent the
Yahoo! mail breakage from triggering.  You can think of it like a
forwarded message, or like a digest that contains only one message.
This should happen automatically for all mail senders whose domains
have requested the broken behavior.  (However, I don't have a Yahoo!
account so I have no way of verifying this until someone posts.)

All current subscribers are set to be moderated, but I will
restore direct posting when I approve your list submissions, once I'm
sure that the workaround is in fact working.


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