Administrivia: no more posting from

Garrett Wollman
Thu Jun 26 23:36:16 EDT 2014

This is a public-service announcement.

Recently, Yahoo! Mail made changes to its configuration that are
designed to break Internet mailing-lists like this one.  One
consequence of these changes is that whenever the list relays any post
from a address, many innocent list members (who do not use
Yahoo! Mail) will not receive the message, and in fact stand a good
chance of being bounced off the list entirely after too many Yahoo!
users' messages are rejected.[1]

Recently this issue affected a large fraction this list's membership,
and I was forced to manually re-enable list subscriptions for many
people.  Therefore, I am announcing a policy change: it will no longer
be possible to post to the list from a address.  Users who
which to retain the ability to post will need to find a better mail
provider.  The list will continue to deliver list messages to subscribers, so long as they are not rejected by Yahoo!'s
mail servers.

So far as I am aware, Yahoo! is the only mail provider which has
broken things in this way -- but other providers may well follow suit
if Yahoo! succeeds in destroying mailing-lists.


[1] This would not be an issue if the list were only available as a
digest, but many list members prefer the conversation-friendliness and
convenience of immediate message delivery.

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