It will soon be COX 25

Laurence Glavin
Wed Jun 25 14:26:24 EDT 2014

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>On 6/24/2014 9:41 PM, Maureen Carney wrote:

> I see it as the opposite - there's now one more established channel NBC could shop the affiliation to if they want to be rid of WHDH. Not saying it will happen, but 25 is a >more acceptable choice than trying to retrain the public to watch a station they currently don't think about (WTMU for example).

>Why couldn't NBC make a deal with one of the other VHF stations?
>Probably not CBS-owned WBC, but maybe WCVB? Or why couldn't Ansin make
>a deal with ABC? Something like that actually happened between CBS
>and ABC circa 1961 or so.'

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Remember:  no Boston "VHF" station is really a VHF station.  Regarding WFXT, which is promoted as channel 25 but
transmits on channel 31, it is viewed (literally and figuratively)  as a UHF station from the get-go.
Fox is probably going to stay on WFXT, but if NBC were to tire of dealing with WHDH-TV and the Ansin family for any
reason, they COULD move to virtual 62 or 68 through a purchase or heavy promotion, including making 
the population AWARE that channel "7" is channel 42 and the "new" affiliate would be comparable.

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